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Currently the Amortization Schedule Calculator is the most popular financial calculator on this website. It calculates one of four unknowns or you can provide all the values. You are also in control of the loan and first payment dates. More below...»

Will making small, extra payments save me money?
Our Extra Payment Calculator will create an amortization table and show you the interest saved.
Will paying half the monthly payment every other week save interest charges?
Check out our Biweekly Loan Calculator to find out.
Mortgage Calculator
This unique Mortgage Payment Calculator is an amortization calculator that will calculate two of six unknowns including down payment.
Enter a "0" (zero) for one unknown value above.
No/Yr Date Payment Interest Principal Balance
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Important Note About Dates: This calculator allows irregular length first periods. That is, the calculator calculates the exact amount of interest due even when the initial period is shorter or longer than the other scheduled periods. This will produce interest charges that do not match other calculators. If you want to match other calculators then set the "Loan Date" and "1st Payment Date" so that they equal one full period as set in "Payment Frequency". Example: If the "Loan Date" is May 15th and the "Payment Frequency" is "Monthly", then the "1st Payment Date" should be set to June 15th, that is IF you want a conventional interest calculation. See the end of the "Help" text for some more details.

Don't want to be bothered setting dates? No problem. Use this loan calculator. It also creates an amortization schedule.

What is amortization? According to, "amortization means a debt is being paid off by a series of payments". When people search for an amortization calculator, they search for it using many different search phrases. If you are searching for any of these financial calculators, this calculator should meet your needs. If it doesn't, feel free to tell me what you need in the comment area below and there is a good chance I'll be able to make a recommendation.

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This website has dozens of financial calculators that create various amortization schedules, payment schedules, withdrawal schedules and general cash flow schedules. This is a complete list of our free, online calculators. Feel free to surf!

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267 thoughts on “amortization-schedule

  1. Very useful for comparing stuff for personal use
    but tried setting Payment Frequency from
    “monthly” to “bi-weekly” but when “calc” is pressed,
    it reverts back to “monthly”.

    • Thank you for both your compliment and comment.

      That will happen – payment frequency changing from biweekly to monthly – only if the Amortization Method is set to “Canadian”. Notice that the compounding changes from whatever it is set to to “Semiannually”.

      Set the Amortization Method to “Normal” and then you can set any combination of payment frequency and compounding frequency you desire.

  2. I made some loans to a few friends. They don’t bother to send me a 1099. I use your loan calculator to figure the interest that I report to the IRS. Your loan calculator is handy . I wish you had a way of selecting for a certain year. For instance what is the total interest earned for 2016 ; evan though the loan is for multiple years?

    • Thank you for the comment, but I’m a little lost. If you want to see the interest for the year, the subtotal row of the schedule shows that with the specific year.

      Did I misunderstand what you need?

  3. Your calculator gave me all I wanted, EXCEPT, I was not able to print a complete schedule. I understand I must be doing something wrong, but what!

    • In the row of buttons, there’s a “Print Preview” option. Click on that and then there is a print button in the upper left corner of the window that opens or at the bottom center at the very end of the schedule. Did you try either of those and still have a problem?

  4. all I want is an amortzation schedule that shows the month amount that goes to interest and is applied to the principal on a loan of 21,012.02 with a monthly payment of $400.

    What is calculated is useless to me.

    • Why? It will show you exactly that.

      Enter the loan amount, interest rate and payment amount @ $400. Enter 0 for number of payments. Click calc and the schedule will show you the monthly $400 payment with the portion that is allocated to interest and principal.

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