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New! Multiple Debt Calculator!
Use this Multiple Debt Calculator to test 5 debt reduction strategies including extra payment and Debt Snowball.
Buying or Selling a Car?
This Auto Loan Calculator is an amortization calculator that considers ALL the variables. Sales tax, trade-in value, down payment and more. Calculates APR.
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70 thoughts on “extra-payment-calculator

  1. Is there any way to export/import to EXCEL??

    • There is no export to Excel feature, but you can select the entire payment schedule and then copy/paste it to Excel. But note, depending on what browser you are using, you may have to use Excel’s "Paste Special" feature.

      About a year ago, I did look into adding an export to Excel feature, but it’s not clear to me what users expect when they ask about this. Is it just the data they are interested in loading in Excel? Or do they expect the schedule to be nicely formatted? Or do they expect the equations? I can imagine several different use cases.

  2. My vehicle loan lender says they are using the “True Daily Earning Method” to determine my loan parameters. The particulars are as follows:
    Loan Amount: $14,435.69
    Annual Percentage Rate: 23.5115%
    99 Semi-Monthly Payments: $227.70
    First Payment Paid 6-25-18.
    (Interest $86.95
    Principal $131.28
    Towards Sales Tax $9.47)

    I paid an extra $100.00 towards the principal of which they said $95.84 went to principal and $4.16 must go towards sales tax.

    I intend to pay an extra $100.00 ($95.84) to the principal every payment and want to know how much of an effect this will have on shortening the length of the loan and how much interest I will save?
    How and what calculator do I use to figure this?

    • Does the loan amount of $14,435.69 include the sales tax owed or is the sales tax added to the loan balance?

      What is the sales tax rate (percentage)?

      As of now, I think this calculator should do it for you. Did you have any questions about how to use it?

  3. How do I change the start dates, want to go back to April and it doesn’t let me change the start date?

  4. I really appreciate this calculator. I use it regularly to plan my mortgage pre-payments. It obviously doesn’t calculate everything everyone wants, but I find it extremely useful.

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