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Displays and prints nicely formatted schedules & charts.

For Windows - download & install SolveIT! on your computer

These are some of the 40 plus calculators included in SolveIT!.

  • Accelerated Payment for Windows — save interest by making periodic extra payments.
  • Affordable House for Windows — calculate affordability
  • Amortization Schedule & APR for Windows — structure a repayment schedules. Change payments and rates. Make random extra payments. Much more.
  • Balloon Payment for Windows — solves for any one of five unknowns. Use to structure loan with specified payment or balloon amount.
  • Bridge Loan for Windows — is second mortgage required and if so, what is the loan amount and payment?
  • C—Value! Wizard for Windows — create custom debt or investment cash flows. Loans, payments, deposits, withdrawals and interest rate changes can be adjusted to occur on any date. Record cash flows as they happen and track balances.
  • Equivalent Rate for Windows — calculate equivalent interest rates
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for Windows — ROI calculation for adjustable cash flow.
  • Loan Calculator for Windows — solve for amount, term, rate or payment amount for various payment and compounding frequencies and for various lending methods be it normal, Canadian, rules-of-78, interest only or fixed principal payments.
  • Loan Comparison Adviser for Windows — compare two loan offers
  • Loan Matrix for Windows — multiple payments or loan amounts as interest rate and term varying along the "X" & "Y" axes.
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator for Windows — solve for any of 6 possible unknowns including down payment required
  • Present Value of a Series Schedule for Windows — calculate today's value of an adjustable cash flow
  • Refinance Adviser for Windows — determine if it is advisable to refinance a loan.
  • Rental Analysis Schedule for Windows — create cash flow schedule for a rental property

4 thoughts on “mortgage-real-estate-calculators

  1. I need to review the calculation on a variable rate mortgage tied to the 1-year constant maturity Treasury. The mortgage is a 2/28 FHA originated in 2006, earns interest in arrears and is on a 360/30 day base. Some payments have been made past the due date and some payments different from the contractual payments were made. Based on my review several of the payment changes were not made or were made incorrectly. Do you have a product that can be used to calculate an amortization of a loan with these characteristics for comparison to the data record? If so, please tell me which product.

    • Yes. Please see this financial calculator. With this calculator, the user has complete control of all events over the entire term of the cash flow. Meaning, you can make payments (or investments) on any date for any amount. Interest rates can be changed on any date as well as the compounding method.

      There are a lot of options and there are 25 tutorials to assist in learning them. Everyone should try tutorial #1 and you should specifically look at tutorial #25 – tracking loan payments.

      If you want to save your work, then use C-Value!. This is a program for Windows computers that mimics the above online calculator. It has more options including saving work.

      Once you’ve looked at the recommended tutorials, if you have any questions, just ask on the above linked page in the comments. Be happy to answer them.

  2. Thank you. Will it run on Windows 8?

    • C-Value will. The Time Value of Money calculator is an online calculator. I suggest trying that first to see if it meets your needs.

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