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C-Value!, The Cash Flow Calculator for Windows


A time value of money calculator for Windows computers. Any loan payment or investment amount on any date.



Have you tried the free, online Ultimate Financial Calculator? Was it able to do what you needed?

Great! But now you want to save your work. You don’t want to spend the time re-entering data to keep track of a loan balance, for example.

Well, this is the right product for you. C-Value! works like the Ultimate Financial Calculator except it runs on Windows computers and it can save your work to local files.

Additionally, C-Value! offers other benefits that the online Ultimate Financial Calculator doesn’t offer. With C-Value!, you can:

  • Export the schedule to Microsoft Excel or Word
  • Customize a printed schedule with your’s or your firm’s name
  • Change fonts for printed output
  • Create APR disclosure statement
  • Select year end month

Additional Details

C-Value! gives you the ability to create and evaluate any cash flow — perform time value of money calculations. Cash flows may be either debt cash flows (loan and payment events) or investment cash flows (deposit and withdrawal events). A cash flow may occur on any date and therefore the cash flow may be at regular or irregular intervals. The interest rate can be changed as of any date as well.

C-Value! features an "open balance" concept. This means you can record events (example: payments or deposits) as they occur and C-Value! will show you the balance of the loan or investment as the events occur. Use this feature to do debt servicing. C-Value! lets you keep track of money paid and owed on a debt.

Capabilities and benefits…

Solve for any unknown
  • Payment or loan amount
  • Deposit or withdrawal
  • Yields: APR, APY or IRR
  • Balance as of an exact date
  • Date a specific balance is reached
  • Present value (PV)
  • Future value (FV)
  • Balloon payment amount
  • Payment required to reach a specific balloon
  • Number of payments
  • Interest rates — nominal or effective
  • Discounted values
  • Remaining balance
  • Deposit required
Any type of calculation method
  • Normal amortization or investment
  • Rule-of-78s
  • Canadian methods
  • US Rule simple interest
  • Supports 360, 364 and 365 day years
  • Exact day or periodic interest calculations
Scheduled (but adjustable) Payment Frequencies
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Twice monthly (Half-month)
  • Every 4 weeks
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly (every two months)
  • Quarterly
  • Every 4 months
  • Semiannual
  • Annual
Flexible Reports & Schedules
  • Amortization & investment schedules
  • Schedules with details or totals only
  • Custom headers and labels
  • Change fonts, colors
  • Select a fiscal year end
  • Reg. Z APR disclosure report
Handles any type of cash flow
  • Normal
  • Interest only
  • Enter your own payment amount
  • Negative amortization
  • Skipped payments or deposits
  • Fixed principal + interest
  • Percent step amounts
  • Dollar step amounts
  • Balloon payments
  • Extra payments
  • Payments to interest
  • Cash flow amounts set to any random date
Compounding Frequencies
  • Exact day simple
  • Daily compounding
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Twice monthly (Half-month)
  • Every 4 weeks
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly (every two months)
  • Quarterly
  • Every 4 months
  • Semiannual
  • Annual
  • Continuous
  • Change the frequency of compounding during a cash flow
C-Value! has many other benefits missing from other products
  • A picture is worth 1,000 words they say. C-Value! has charting.
  • C-Value! natively & automatically supports multiple currency symbols and number formats based on the Windows’ default settings.
  • C-Value! will print a Reg. Z APR Disclosure statement.
  • Optionally set C-Value! to automatically save and load the last set of inputs
  • Optionally set C-Value! to automatically calculate initial odd days interest with three different payment options
  • Editing numeric values is easier since the default thousand’s separator is visible while editing or entering numbers.
  • In our opinion, our Help documentation is even more detailed. Help includes a couple dozen step-by-step tutorials.
  • C-Value!’s screen scales up or down in size. This means the size of the text and numbers increase or decrease in size as you adjust the screen size. You can set the size for maximum visual comfort. (Most programs DO NOT scale. They only show you more empty space as you increase the size of a window.)
  • Optionally set C-Value! to automatically save and restore the last screen position when the program starts up
Other details
  • Directly reads and writes TValue‘s™ TV5 data files — no import step required
  • Requires about 20mb free disk space to install
  • Individual or network versions available
  • Never any programming required!
  • Fast, Easy-to-Use & Accurate
  • Over 150 pages of online help with examples

Windows Only: C-Value! runs on Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 and Windows 10, either the 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

Note: We think you will find that C-Value! is very competitive with Time Value Software’s TValue™. In fact, we think you’ll find that C-Value! has advantages over TValue™.

Note: "C-Value!" is both a standalone program for Microsoft Windows and a calculator that is included in SolveIT!.

Refund Policy: Full refund within one year of purchase. But, please try Ultimate Financial Calculator before purchasing this software. If it does what you need, then you should be happy with your purchase.

License: C-Value! is sold on a "per user basis." This means a copy of the program must be purchased for each user. It also means if a user is the exclusive user of more than one computer the software may be installed on a second computer owned by the user. The maximum number of computers a single license (purchase) can be installed on is 3. Think work, home and notebook.

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C-Value!, A TVM Calculator for Windows

An extremely flexible time-value-of-money calculator for Windows computers.

  • Loan or investment calculations.
  • Cash flows can be regular or irregular
  • Create and print schedules.
  • Save your data to disk for later use.

Suitable for auditors, accountants, lawyers and you!

SolveIT! for Windows
SolveIT!™, Over 40 Calculators for MS Windows
  • Save your work to disk for later recall.
  • Customize reports with a "Prepared By:" and "Prepared For:"
  • Less than $2 per calculator