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The Retirement Income Calculator is designed to make it very easy to answer the question, "What will my retirement income be?". It only needs you to provide a few inputs, others are optional. More details below...»

Need more flexible retirement planning?
Here's my best retirement calculator in that it solves for multiple unknowns.
90% of Retirement Planning is Saving
Here's a Savings Calculator that will solve for any of four unknowns.

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Calculator Details

The calculator has 11 inputs, 6 of them are required:

  • Your Current age
  • Annual contribution toward retirement
    • and/or Current retirement savings
  • ROI for retirement savings
  • You want to retire at what age
  • Retirement income lasts until age
  • ROI during retirement

There are 5 optional inputs. Any or all can be left at 0.

  • Annual contribution increase
  • Current retirement savings
  • Income from government
  • Other annual income
  • Annual inflation rate

Click on the [Help] button for more details about each input.

If "For retirement income, withdraw only interest" is checked, you'll not be able to enter a value for "Retirement income lasts until age" since withdrawing only the interest means the principal will remain untouched. Theoretically, the income will last in perpetuity. An exception to this will be if you enter a value for "Annual inflation rate", then only the first withdrawal will equal the interest earned for the year. Subsequent withdrawals will be more than the interest earned to compensate for inflation.

As you go through life there are few things you can do, from a personal finance perspective, that are more important than preparing for retirement. I hope this retirement income calculator helps you chart a path to a secure future

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