Here you'll find dozens of financial calculators that are designed to be easy-to-use, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of financial professionals. We say "these calculators are not toys" because, unlike many online calculators, ours are date sensitive and some support changes to interest rates, payments or investment amounts. All are designed to work well on any device from modern smart phones and tablets to the largest computer monitors. Additionally, all calculators support user selectable international date formats and currency symbols.

Programs for Windows™

  • C-Value!™
    Our cash flow or Ultimate Financial Calculator. Calculate unknown cash flow amounts (payments, deposits, loan amounts or withdrawal amounts) as well as interest rates and term (number of cash flows). Create custom schedule and charts.
  • SolveIT!™
    Our flagship software program with over 40 financial calculators for Microsoft Windows™. Published since 1985, SolveIT! v.6.1 is used the world over by financial professionals as well as those who simply want to get a better understanding of their financial future.

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Or "you" may be a lay person who wants to plan for some aspect of your financial future.

Regardless of who "you" are or what the immediate task is at hand, you'll find calculators here that will make your planning easier.

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