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The Affordable House Calculator is designed to make it very easy to answer the question, "How much house can I afford?". It considers income, taxes, loan payments and maintenance. See "Help" for more details.

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Our Mortgage Calculator will calculate mortgage details including percentage down.
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Our Loan Calculator solves for one of four unknowns and creates a printable payment schedule as well as several charts.

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This calculator, while called an "Affordable House Calculator", can actually be used for determining the affordability of any building or property. This is a common trait of many financial calculators. They can be used for similar, though different, calculations. It can be confusing, but we're here to help. Just post your questions below.

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  1. Hello, Why is it on Affordable home calculator that when I decrease taxes and insurances the payment per month increases? I am expecting it to decrease also. Thank you

    • That behavior is expected.

      If either the insurance or maintenance decreases, then the home buyer can afford more for the mortgage payment itself.

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