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Budget CalculatorPersonal & Family Budgeting


How to Use the Budget Calculator

Why bother to create a personal or family budget?

A personal budget calculator
Budget Calculator
  • Calculates expense to income ratio.
  • Calculates total & percentage spent in each of 7 categories.
  • Save your inputs for later use.

Answers the question, "Where does the money go?"

First, at its simplest, a budget is the tool you use to know if you will spend more than you earn. To create a budget, you project your income and then deduct your estimated expenses. The budget calculator makes this calculation a snap. Just provide values for the pertinent inputs and click on the "Calc" button. That's all there is to it. Check out the Summary section for the results.

If the income is higher than the expenses, congratulate yourself. You're at least on the right track. However, if the expenses are higher than the income, then eventually some adjustments will need to be made.

You might be saying, "I don't need a budget calculator to know if I'm spending more than I'm earning." That's probably is right. But there's another, even more, important use for a budget.

Budgets help us reach our goals.

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