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5 thoughts on “budget-calculator

  1. I need to know this every month where this money gos

  2. Please how can i get this calculator on my wordpress website? it’s exactly what i need. Also i can i amend the currency to a different currency. It’s a great calculator

    • Thanks. Glad you think it’s "great".

      Currently, I have a lot of projects on my plate and I will not be able to make this calculator available as a WordPress plugin.

      About the currency, if you mean for the user on this site, they can click on the "$ mm/dd/yyyy" text in the lower right corner to any calculator to change the currency and date formats. These setting are stored in cookies and will be remembered for any subsequent visit to this site and for all calculators.

  3. Hi Karl!

    Are you sharing the html code for this budget calculator? It’s great! I’d love to add it to my site.

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