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Widgets and WordPress PluginsFinancial Calculators for Your Website or Blog


Do you write a blog? Own a car dealership? Or are otherwise involved in financial services? Then you should consider adding one (or all!) of my financial calculators to your website. They are all easy to install. And for now, they are all free. More below...»

Loan Calculator

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What's a widget? What's a plugin?


If your website is built using WordPress use a "plugin". If your website is built using plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript use a "widget". It's that easy.

Note, if you have a WordPress site, and you want to install a calculator in a WordPress "widget area", you still download and use the "plugin". :-)

Both widgets and plugins are fully customizable. Click on the appropriate link below for all details.

Plugins for Sites Built with WordPress

Widgets for HTML Websites

And naturally all plugins and widgets come with full support. You can leave your questions at the bottom of any of the above linked pages.


13 Comments on “Calculator Plugins”

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  • Great calculators! thanks for making these available. For the HTML loan calculator Widget, is there a way to include user entry fields for the loan date and/or first payment date? Thanks.

    • Thanks, Barry, glad you like them. As to the plugin, with all plugins hosted at (which these are) the user gets all source code. If you are a programmer, you should be able to add a date field. Or your website developers should be able to do it. But how to do it and the formulas you would need is well beyond the scope of support that I’m able to provide.

      • Thanks. Not sure if the answer would be any different, but I was asking about the html version. We don’t use WordPress for our website.

  • Is there an option for calculators created in excel? I have a client that has made a ton of them but I can’t find a way to transfer them to the wordpress site.

  • Hi! I want some calculators made can you make them for me ? I would like to discuss further please connect with me on my email.

  • andrea broussard says:

    How do I get the Loan Calculator

  • Sathyaprakash says:

    Hi Karl, Thanks for this great plugin. I would like to just go a little deep into the code. I need the chart to be displayed parallel to the results area instead of popup by clicking buttons. Could you please help to find the right solution.

    • You’re welcome. First, are you a programmer? You will need to be able to make a lot of significant changes to the code. Then you’ll have to be able to minify the scripts using Google’s Closure compiler service.

      • sathyaprakash says:

        Nope Karl.Im not a strong programmer. I can pay you for this simple fix. Please replay me on private mail to do a custom changes in this plugin.

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