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Online Business Calculators

Online Financial Schedules — cash flows

Online Matrix Calculators

Online Personal Finance

Online Ultimate Financial Calculator

  •  Solve many problems with one calculator
    • Structure any cash flow
    • Loan / amortization schedules
    • Investment / savings schedules
    • Calculate return on investment
    • Rate or cash flow change on any date
    • Calculate loan payoff for exact date
    • Much, much more

 These calculators also create schedules & charts.

Bold indicates recent additions.

For Windows™ — install SolveIT! on your computer. Always available. Generally more feature rich than online equivalent.

Business Calculators for Windows

  • Calculate break-even on a product or business
  • Exact day compound & simple interest calculations
  • Markup & Discount
  • Solve for the most economical ordering quantity of an item

These 40+ calculators are included in SolveIT!.

Debt Calculators for Windows

  • Debt Reduction Adviser — calculate four plans to reduce and eliminate debt. Pick best plan for the circumstances.

Financial Schedules for Windows

  • Flexible Amortization Schedule & APR
  • Free Amortization Schedule
  • Annuity Schedule — schedule of withdrawals, interest & balance
  • C—Value! — customize exact date cash flows and solve for any unknown
  • Future Value Schedule — schedule of deposits, interest & balance
  • Present Value of a Series Schedule

Investment Calculators for Windows

  • American Option Pricing
  • Bond Value and Yields and much more
  • Equivalent Rates
  • European Option Pricing
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) — ROI for a periodic or irregular cash flow.
  • Net Present Value
  • Present Value of an Amount
  • Profit and loss analysis for rental property
  • Return on Investment (ROI) — on an amount

Loan & Lending Calculators for Windows

  • Interest saved by accelerating payments
  • Car loan with trade in
  • Balloon amount or payment amount
  • Exact or periodic interest calculation
  • Lease vs Buy Adviser
  • Loan calculator solves for interest rate, amount, payment or term
  • Compare bottom-line cost of two loans
  • Loan balance after "X" payments

Matrix Calculators for Windows

  • Annuity Matrix
  • Future Value Matrix
  • Loan Matrix

* These calculators show multiple results. The term and interest rate vary along the "X" & "Y" axes.

Mortgage & Real Estate for Windows

  • Affordable House
  • Bridge Loan
  • Calculate mortgage payment and deposit required plus 4 other variables
  • Does it pay to refinance?
  • Rental income analysis

Personal Finance Calculators for Windows

  • Budget Calculator
  • Plan for any future cash flow needs
  • Net Worth Calculator

Retirement & College Planning for Windows

  • Goal Planning Adviser
  • Millionaire's calculator — how much do I have to save to reach any amount?

Tax Calculations for Windows

  • Declining Balance Depreciation
  • MACRS Depreciation & Section 179 expense
  • Straight Line Depreciation
  • Sum of Years Depreciation

Miscellaneous for Windows

  • Permutation & Combination — what are the odds?
  • Purchasing Power Calculator — the impact of inflation with US consumer price data (CPI)

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