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42 thoughts on “extra-payment-calculator

  1. Hello, could you direct me to the correct calculator? I have an existing home loan with principal balance. I would like to enter my current balance, interest and how much extra I need to put to principal to pay off in 5 years.

    • You can use the Amortization Schedule for this calculation. You’ll enter the loan balance in "Loan Amount" and if you are paying monthly, enter 60 for the "Number of Periods" and 0 (unknown) for the payment amount. This will solve for the amount you have to pay in order to pay off the balance in 5 years. The difference between the calculated amount and your current payment, of course, is the extra payment you’ll need to pay.

      Hope this help.

  2. Hello,
    How can I calculate a mortgage prepayment schedule and interest savings amount if I want to pay an extra lump sum once per year in January, vs a regular monthly extra amt?

    • You can do that easily with the Ultimate Financial Calculator on this site.

      On that page, scroll down and you’ll see links to a set of tutorials. Everyone should read tut. #1 to get an overview of how this calculator works.

      Then tutorial #9 will give you an example for what you want:

      Random Extra Principal Payment
      How to prepay principal on any date

      Hope this helps.

    • You might want to make a monthly or better principal curtailment……
      Why???? The(YOUR!) interest is calculated on the outstanding principal balance…..BIGGER savings for YOU!!!! I hope that helps!!!

  3. Hi, this calculator worked great to give me an amortization based on our additional payment per month. I tried several other sites but nothing gave me the schedule.

    One request is to be able to set the start date of the loan. I’m using this for an existing mortgage that we’ve been making extra payments on since day 1, and I wanted to figure out the end date. Because this assumes the loan starts this month, I have to adjust the dates accordingly, subtracting the current date from the date that I started the loan, when looking at the schedule.

    • As you discovered, this calculator is for quick "what-if" calculations. It is not intended to be used as an auditing tool.

      But, the Ultimate Financial Calculator lets you set the dates. In fact, it also allows you to make individual extra payments on any date or a series of extra payments. It’s very flexible.

      If you try it out, scroll down the page and there are 25 tutorials with two specifically dedicated to extra payments.

      Naturally, if you have a question, you can ask it in the comment section at the bottom of the calculator’s page.

  4. Love this calculator but would like to be able to tell it loan start date and didn’t see that option.

    • You are right. This calculator does not allow that. It’s for quick what-if calculations.

      But all is not lost. 🙂

      You may try this calculator for extra payments that start on any date.

      When you get to the Ultimate Financial Calculator page, scroll down, and you’ll see a number of tutorials. Look at #1 and then there are two, as I recall, that deal specifically with extra payments.

      If you have any questions you may ask on that calculator’s page.

    • The calculator I just recommended also lets you start the loan on any date. (I read your question too quickly.)

  5. I have found your calculators to be the best , but I do have some question re: the extra payment calculator: i enter my rate and the extra amount that I put toward my mortgage each mint,h but it does not deduct the total amount, so obviously I am doing something incorrectly.Can yiou guide me though this process?

    • Hi Pat, thanks for the compliment!

      Unfortunately, I can’t duplicate the problem you are seeing so this makes it difficult to offer any guidance. Maybe I’m not understanding the problem?

      If I enter $1,000 into "Extra Amount Paid?" and click the "payment schedule" button, on the rows marked "XPmt", the balance is $1,000 lower than the prior row’s balance. Is that not what you are seeing? If not, can you please tell me what inputs you are using?

      FYI: For calculating the impact of extra payments, you may also find this finance calculator useful. It allows the user to enter random extra payment amounts on any date. It also supports a regular series just as this calculator does. If you make an extra payment when a regular payment is not due, the amortization schedule expands and goes into more detail.

      If you try it, scroll down the page and see tutorials #9 and #10. They both deal specifically with extra payments.

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