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  • Correct, with this calculator, the user cannot set the dates. However, please use this amortization schedule.

    Under the “Amortization Method” option, you’ll see fixed principal.

    And with this calculator you can set the loan and first payment date to be whatever you want them to be.

  • I want to make the same payment monthly for principal and interest and let the additional interest help pay down principal. IE $1000 toward principal $500 toward interest. Interest recalculates automatically though as the principal reduces. Can I change that?

    • Not a problem. However, you will not want to use this calculator. Rather use the amortization calculator. And, instead of having the calculator calculate a payment amount, enter the payment amount that you want to make. Click the schedule button. The payment will pay the interest and the rest will pay down principal. If the payment you enter, is not enough to pay the interest, then you’ll see negative amortization.

  • Anjan Ku sahu says:

    Pls give me a even principal pay ment schedule having term loan 1500000 rate of interest 13.10 tenure 60 months starting from july1 2016, even
    principal 25000fixed,l oan date22/06/2016 pay ment starts from 01/07/2016

    • Please use this time value of money calculator to do what you want.

      Scroll down the page and look for this tutorial:

      21. Calculate PV of Fixed Principal + Interest Loan
      Calculate PV of the declining payment amount
      Demonstrates the cash flow analytics of this calculator

      for instructions.

      If you have additional questions, I’m happy to answer them but please do not reply to the email you’ll receive. Rather post your questions on the calculator’s page.

    • I don’t create Excel calculators. What you can do is use this calculator and from the payment schedule view, you can select the entire schedule and copy and paste it into Excel. If you do that, you may have to use Excel’s “Paste Special” feature and select the paste unformatted option.

  • Hello,

    You said there is free amortization schedule for download for personal use ( but when clicking on download page, this is what appears:, no free version of amortization schedule.

    May you advise the correct link to download free version?



  • How to calculate when the grace period is 2 years and during that grace period, i only pay the principal.

    loan 2,500,000.00
    interest 4%
    payment monthly
    20 years

    • This calculator won’t handle that calculation. However, the Ultimate Financial Calculator will.

      You’ll initially set the interest rate to 0%. Enter the payment amount you want and it will be applied to principal Than a 3rd entry for the number of unknown payments. If the loan accrues interest from day 1 (which to me wouldn’t really make sense), then you can add the interest due at the end of the principal only payment series as a new loan. You can calculate the amount of interest that has accrued using the Interest Calculator.

      If you try the above, and have questions, please post them on that page.

  • I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to do this for the public. I am a small business owner and this was a great help to me.

    • Great to hear. I’m glad that you both found the calculator and found it useful.

      Please tell your friends and associates about this site.

  • Rishi gupta says:

    Can you please draw the repayment schedule for flat interest rate???
    loan amount=1000000
    Flat interest rate=5%

    it’s necessary for me..
    please draw it ASAP..

    • I do not create schedules. I provide people with the tools and the support so they can create schedules any time they need one.

      If you have a question about a calculator, please ask.

  • Rod Schroeder says:

    Hi Karl,

    Thank you for assisting so many with this website!

    I have the following question – Total Interest, after selecting Calc, does not equal Total Interest Due in Loan Summary section of generated report, after selecting Payment Schedule. Am I misunderstanding this information?

    Loan Amount 300000.00
    Number of Payments 240
    Annual Interest Rate 4.3000
    Payment Amount 0.00

    Payment Amount now populates 2325.00
    Total Interest now populates 258000.00
    Total Principal & Interest now populates 558000.00

    In top section (Loan Summary), Total Interest Due 129537.57 and Total All Payments 429537.57

    In this example 258000.00 does not equal 129537.57 and 558000.00 does not equal 429537.57.


    • Hi Rod,

      You’re welcome. And oh boy, this is so embarrassing. Before I even finished reading your comment, I knew where you were going and what the problem is. I’ll try to have it fixed by early next week. For the record, the schedule is accurate.

      If you are interested in the details, here is what’s happening.

      In the interest of performance (calculation speed), if a user does not click the "Payment Schedule" button, a schedule is not calculated. The "Total Principal & Interest" reported at the bottom of the calculator is simply the "Number of Payments" times the "Payment Amount". The "Total Interest" is "Total Principal & Interest" less the "Loan Amount". This works perfectly well (within cents of being correct) if the loan has level payments. But obviously it will not work if the payments aren’t level. And of course for fixed principal payment loans, the payment amount is decreasing.

      Thanks for taking the time to point this out.

    • Hi Rod, I posted a fix for the problem you mentioned with this calculator. Thanks again for taking your time to let me know.

  • Lauren Cissell says:

    Good morning,

    I am looking to calculate payments over a 5 year term, fixed 4.11% interest rate, with monthly interest payments and bi-annual principal payments. Do you have a suggestion as to what calculator may be best in this scenario.

    Thank you for your time,

    • But of course. 🙂

      Please see the Ultimate Financial Calculator

      I”m assuming that when you say monthly interest only payments and bi-annual principal payments, that there will be 5 interest payment followed by a single principal and interest payment (since you didn’t mentioned a skipped month when principal is paid).

      There are a number of tutorials if you scroll down the page that will give you details about how the calculator works. At a high level, you’ll enter on the first row the loan amount. Follow that row with 5 interest only payments and then 1 row with a regular payment. Repeat. If you don’t know the payment amounts then you can enter the first series of interest only payments as an unknown amount and then calculate the amount before entering the principal and interest payment.

      The calculator will certainly do what you want. Mostly likely though, you’ll have questions. Feel free to ask them in the comment area on the above linked page.

      And good morning too.

  • I’m using your Fixed Principal Loan Payment Calculator and wanted to add in periodic extra payments to principle only. Is there a way to do this?


    • There is, but not with this calculator.

      Please use the Ultimate Financial Calculator.

      Scroll down the page to the tutorials. Tutorial #1 is an overview, and you would benefit from taking a look at it. Tutorial #21 shows how to set up a fixed principal series and tutorials #9 and #10 discuss different extra payment scenarios. Once you’ve tried these, or if something isn’t clear just ask.

  • Hi Karl ,
    Can you please tell me if there’s any present value calculation formula for fixed principal payment loan . I want to calculate the present value of a outstanding loan amount. Thank you !!

  • I have some questions about a loan with a few unknown values.

    Initial loan value is $32,000
    Finance Charge Flat $10,000
    Flat Payment Charge $500.

    It appears to be a 7 year loan but this value is not given. How would I calculate the effective interest rate?

    • Since the payment is level (doesn’t change) you don’t want to use this calculator. Rather, use this calculator.

      FYI, fixed principal payment loans have a declining payment amount.

      And you are correct, the term is 7 years. Loan amount (32,000) plus interest (10,000) = 42,000 total payment. 42,000 divided by 500 = 84 monthly payments or 7 years. (I’m including this arithmetic for the benefit of others.)

      Enter the above numbers (amount of loan, not the total payment) in the suggested calculator and enter 0 for the interest rate. Click the "Calc" button and the interest rate will be calculated.

      I tested this and the rate is 8.0778%.

  • These calculators are a real help,
    I wonder how would this kind of loan details are used to calculate the amortization schedule.
    Please advise me on how to do this.

    Loan amount is say $. 10,000,000.

    I need fix principal payment biannually and diminishing interest rate method.
    Interest Rate – 3.58% p.a

    Tenure – 15 years inclusive of 2 ½ years grace period to repay capital

    Grace Period – 2 ½ years for capital repayment only

    Capital Repayment – Bi Annually after the grace period

    Interest Payment – Bi Annually (with no grace period)

    Kind regards

    • Thanks. Glad you are finding these calculators useful.

      This calculator isn’t flexible enough to do what you need to do. However, the Ultimate Financial Calculator is.

      Please visit the above calculator page and scroll down and review the tutorials, especially #1 to get you started.

      I’m not sure what mean by all the terms, but I’m assuming that for the initial 2.5 years, interest is not accruing. If that’s the case, set the initial interest rate to 0% and then after 2.5 years, create a rate change series and set the new interest rate.

      For the fixed principal payments you’ll need to set up a special series.

      Please ask if you have any questions. It may take a while to become familiar with the way the suggested calculator works, but it is very flexible and you should eventually have no problem creating the schedule that you need.

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