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4 thoughts on “interest-only-loan-calculator

    • Thank you for asking. Not with this calculator. However, with our amortization table there is.

      Note, you’ll need to select “interest only” using the “amortization method” drop down.

      If you ever have a debt which has some interest only payments followed by regular payments, the time value of money calculator will handle those cases.

  1. Hi
    I want to make sure that I am using this calculator right, trying to solve for the payment amount. If I have a loan amount of say $100,000, 9 year loan with a 2% interest rate compounded semi-annually, where interest is paid annually, this is what I put in:
    Loan amount $100,000
    Number of Payments=18
    Annual interest rate =2%
    Payment frequency = annually
    Compounding – semi-annually
    Payment method – arrears

    • Hi, thanks for the question. Your setup is almost right. You said it’s a 9 year loan with annual payments, so you should enter 9 for the number of payments rather than 18. However, that’s not going to make a difference in the calculated payment amount because the payments are for interest only. So assuming that the payments are made as schedule it does not matter if the term of the loan is 1 year, 9 years or 100 years, the payment amount will be the same – $2,010.00. (2% on $100,000 is $2,000 of course. The $10 is due to the semi annual compounding.)

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