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  • Carla Hoffman says:

    How can I set up a loan schedule with 60 payments, but no payments in August or September? I have tried soooo many calculators and can’t find out how to do this.

    • Hi, too bad you didn’t try this site first. 🙂

      Please use the Ultimate Financial Calculator. The calculator is designed to handle this calculation and in fact there is a tutorial dedicated to this case. Scroll down the page and take a look at tutorial #12:

      12. Monthly Skipped Payments
      Loan or mortgage with scheduled skipped payments

      You should also take a look at tutorial #1 for an overview of how the calculator works.

      Please feel free to ask questions on that page if something isn’t clear.

      Also, do let us know how it worked for you. That’s how I learn what needs to be improved.

    • The amortization schedule does not support extra payments. But on this site, we have two other calculators that support extra payments.

      Please see the Extra Payment Calcultor with Amortization Schedule.

      But for the greatest flexibility, see the Ultimate Financial Calculator. This calculator lets you either schedule or anticipate a series of extra payments or it allows the user to enter extra payments, as they are made on any date. Once on the page, scroll down, and you’ll see tutorials. There are 2 tutorials about extra payments. (Please look at tutorial #1 for an overview of how the calculator works.)

    • The Ultimate Financial Calculator will support irregular cash flows including loans with multiple borrows. Please give it a try.

      When you get to the page, scroll down and you’ll see 25 different tutorials that step users through many scenarios. The construction loan tutorial demonstrates multiple loan advances. Make sure you read tutorial #1 for an overview.

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