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Displays and prints nicely formatted schedules & charts.

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  • Accelerated Payment — save interest by making periodic extra payments.
  • Amortization Schedule & APR — structure a repayment schedules. Change payments and rates. Make random extra payments. Much more.
  • Amortization Schedule (free) — produces a quick, clear loan schedule showing payments, interest, principal and balance.
  • Automobile Loan Calculator — solves for any two of six variables including needed cash deposit or trade-in amount.
  • Balloon Payment — solves for any one of five unknowns. Use to structure loan with specified payment or balloon amount.
  • Bridge Loan — is second mortgage required and if so, what is the loan amount and payment?
  • C—Value! Wizard — create custom debt or investment cash flows. Loans, payments, deposits, withdrawals and interest rate changes can be adjusted to occur on any date. Record cash flows as they happen and track balances.
  • Lease vs Buy Adviser — is it more advantages to finance or lease?
  • Loan Calculator — solve for amount, term, rate or payment amount for various payment and compounding frequencies and for various lending methods be it normal, Canadian, rules-of-78, interest only or fixed principal payments.
  • Loan Comparison Adviser — compare two loan offers
  • Loan Matrix — multiple payments or loan amounts as interest rate and term varying along the "X" & "Y" axes.
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator — solve for any of 6 possible unknowns including down payment required
  • Refinance Adviser — determine if it is advisable to refinance a loan.
  • Remaining Balance — calculate the principal balance due on a debt

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