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  • David Witner says:

    How can determine how much I am owed if someone was supposed to pay 125 per quarter at 2% interest beginning in 2000 but never paid anything?

    • If they borrowed money from you and there’s a starting balance, then you can use this loan calculator. What you would do is enter the loan amount for the date in 2000 and set the compounding to quarterly. Make the first payment date today. The calculator will calculate the accrued interest and add it to the balance.

      If they didn’t borrow money from you and they owe you money for some service you performed, then you can use this future value calculator. It will calculate the value on 125 per quarter since 2000.

  • what calculator should I use if they have a loan and paid extra in the next few months and then missed the payments for a year and wanting to start payment again. What do we do?

  • Hello I am trying to find the latest version of Loan!Calculator Plus, can you please show me ?
    Am currently using 3.0d

    • Hi Peter, It’s been so long ago that I offered Loan*Calculator! Plus, I have almost forgotten that I wrote it! 🙂

      The program is no longer offered or supported. It has been replaced by the free calculators found on this site.

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