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Enter non-zero values for any two of the five inputs.
Enter "0" (zero) for three unknown values.
At least one of the percentages must be zero.
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6 thoughts on “markup-and-discount-calculator

  1. Thanks, great calculator

  2. I’m glad to see there is now a place for a comment. I’ve used this calculator for several years, finding it very helpful for my business. Thank you for providing it.

  3. why discount is grossed up? as it should have been directly multiplied by discount percentage divided by 100 need your support

    • Could you provide a bit more detail please? What 2 inputs did you provide and which calculated number do you think is wrong and what value are you expecting?

  4. Have a question about discount and when the discount percent is 100. So lets say, Net Amount?: 100
    Discount Percentage?: 100
    right now it crashes, but what would the value be if it didnt throw a divide by 0 error

    • The answer the calculator is giving you is correct, though I guess it could be formatted better. It is infinite. Same problem, but the discount is 99.9999%, the gross amount is $100,000,000.00

      A 100% discount means the net amount is 0.

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