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6 thoughts on “net-worth-calculator

  1. This is a great Net Worth calculator. However, I would like to see supporting schedules for some of the items or for all of the items, such as Real Estate for example. It would be helpful to have a supporting schedule to list the real estate items such as Home, Rental House, Commercial real estate etc. with the purchase date, cost and FMV, mortgage balance. Then the total of the supporting statement will flow to the main Net Worth Statement.

    • Thank you for those ideas. They seem like they are worth considering. Right now, I have a lot of requested features for other calculators. All I can say is, let’s see how many others think that having supporting statements would be useful and I can use that as a gauge for when to focus on adding that feature.

      Would you want to have the schedule print, of if I introduced a simple calculator that allowed you to add up the details to get to the summary number, would that be enough?

  2. I think this is a great app. I like the percentages included. I am not sure about mortgages receivable. Thanks.

    • Thank you. A mortgage receivable would be the current balance of a mortgage that is payable to you. For example, if you sold a house and you, as the seller, provided the financing. Then you would have a mortgage receivable.

      Also, some investors buy and sell mortgages for income. They would add up the balance of the mortgages they own and enter that balance. (Not to get too technical, but I will mention, some people calculating their net worth might take the present value of the payments due using a discount rate they are comfortable with to calculate the value of a mortgage portfolio.)

  3. Excellent for determining Accredited Investor status!

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