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Here you'll find dozens of financial calculators that are designed to be easy-to-use, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of financial professionals. We say "these calculators are not toys" because, unlike many online calculators, ours are date sensitive and some support changes to interest rates, payments or investment amounts. All are designed to work well on any device from modern smart phones and tablets to the largest computer monitors. Additionally, all calculators support user selectable international date formats and currency symbols. (Click on $ : MM/DD/YYYY in the lower right corner of any calculator. You'll only need to make the selection once.)

The Ultimate Financial Calculator is the calculator you should be using, for example, if you need to model complex cash flows; perform analytics (PV, ROR etc.) on a cash flow; or calculate a loan payoff or investment balance as of a specific date. Here are 25 calculation tutorials to get you started. The other calculators give you somewhat less control over dates and rates in exchange for ease and speed of use.

Investment & Income Calculator

  •  Ultimate Investment Calculator — June 1, 2017
    • Calculate amounts, rates, term
    • Investment / income schedules
    • Optionally calculates taxes due
    • Adjust cash flow for inflation
    • Deduct investment fees
    • Calculate internal rate of return
    • Much, much more

Time Value of Money Calculations — TVM

  •  Ultimate Financial Calculator
    • Calculate amounts, rates, term
    • Loan / amortization schedules
    • Investment / savings schedules
    • Calculate return on investment
    • Amount or rate changes on any date
    • Calculate payoff amount for any date
    • Much, much more

The Newest Calculators

  •  Mortgage CalculatorUpdated: Sept. 17, 2017
    • Calculate appreciated value
    • Enter one or series of extra payments
    • Calculate income tax savings
    • Select month for year end reporting
  •  Loan CalculatorUpdated: Sept. 17, 2017
    • Enter one or series of extra payments
    • Set origination and first payment dates

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F — N

O — Z

 These calculators also create schedules & charts.

Business Calculators

Financial Schedules — cash flows

Matrix Calculators

Matrix calculators will save you the trouble of doing a lot of "what ifs?". They show a range of calculations across varying inputs. We think they are unique. Give them a try!

Mortgage Calculators

 These calculators also create schedules & charts.


53 thoughts on “online-calculators

  1. Will the Solveit6.1 work on a Windows 7?

  2. Looking to personally finance an amount of $xxxxx.00 for xx# of years with the first four (4) years being at a ZERO interest rate. Then on the 49 month the interest rate will change to “let’s say 5%” thereafter until original amount of loan is paid in full!

    Do you have a calculator that would work and also print a schedule of payments?

    • Yes.

      Please use the Ultimate Financial Calculator.

      One on the page scroll down until you see the tutorials and check this one out:

      14. Interest Only Loan
      Initial series of interest only payments

      (Everyone should also see tutorial #1 to get an overview of this calculator.)

    • Sorry, my previous tutorial recommendation was wrong. Too early in the morning here. You don’t want interest only, you want no interest initially. The calculator will do this too.

      Please see this tutorial:

      4. Adjustable Rate Mortgage or Loan
      ARM with interest rate changes on any date you desire

  3. Bought but cannot download & open SolveIT software on a MAC. Yes, I have Windows. What do I do?

    • Thank you for your purchase. The file you downloaded is just like any other file. For example, how would you move a word processing document from your Mac to your Windows PC? Use the same technique. I can’t really give you any details because I don’t know your specific setup.

  4. Can this calculator be used to calculate student loans with extra monthly payments?

  5. Does SolveIT calculate a time-weight return on investment?

    • Yes, it has an "IRR Calculator" which is a time-weighted, annualized rate of return.

      You can also try this online calculator to see if it meets your needs (though the online version currently has a view features that SolveIT!’s calculator does not have).

  6. I only have a Mac. Because the software is called The Financial Calculator for Windows I’m assuming there’s no point me purchasing it?

    • SolveIT! and C-Value! only run on Windows, that is correct.

      However, there is a 3rd party program for the Mac, called Parallels, that you can install on your Mac and then you can run Windows programs. I’ve never used it (I don’t have a Mac) but I know people who do and they are happy with it.

      If you get that, then you can come right back over here and purchase either of the above. 🙂

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