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Financial Schedules — cash flows

Investment Calculators

Matrix Calculators

Matrix calculators will save you the trouble of doing a lot of "what ifs?". These financial calculators show a range of calculations across varying inputs. We think they are unique. Give them a try!

Mortgage Calculators

Time Value of Money Calculations — TVM

  •  Ultimate Financial Calculator
    • Structure any cash flow
    • Loan / amortization schedules
    • Investment / savings schedules
    • Calculate return on investment
    • Rate or cash flow change on any date
    • Debt payoff amount as of specific date
    • Much, much more

 These calculators also create schedules & charts.

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 These calculators also create schedules & charts.

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      The calculators listed on this page are all web based. Therefore, you can run any of them from your desktop as long as the desktop is connected to the internet.

      If this does not answer your question, please elaborate a little more.

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  1. Looking for a mortgage loan calculator that will account for previous extra payments at irregular intervals and provide input options for future regular and irregular extra payments.

    Goal to solve for interest saved and solve for target payoff date.

    • There are several possibilities. The one that I would try first is the Time Value of Money Calculator. This calculator is the most flexible for it’s possible (but not necessary) to enter payments on the dates they are made or projected to be made. Payments can be for any amount i.e. more or less than the calculated amount. There are 25 tutorials if you scroll down the page. Everyone should read #1. And you’ll be most interested in these:

      9. Random Extra Principal Payment
      How to prepay principal on any date

      10. Loan with Series of Extra Principal Payments
      How to calculate loan or mortgage with extra payments

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