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4 thoughts on “payment-calculator

  1. How can I adjust the loan date and first payment due date?
    Katrina Wegmann

    • There are 2 calculators which should serve your needs:

      Amortization Schedule

      Ultimate Financial Calculator

      The amortization schedule is simpler to learn, but not as flexible. The TVM calculator will let you set the individual payment dates. If you give the TVM a try, then see tutorial #1 – the link is about half way down the page.

      Please let me know if you need something else.

  2. Is there a plugin that gives you a “Days With Interest Free Option” input field?

    • You can get a payment schedule that has days when there is no interest calculated using this finance calculator, which is what your goal is, I assume. It doesn’t ask for the number of days. They way it works is, you can set the interest rate to 0% and then there will be no interest, of course. The calculator lets you change the interest rate as often as you like and on any day you like. If the beginning of the loan term is when there is no interest, then start with 0%. Then enter the loan amount in the first row followed by any payments you want. Then enter a row with an interest rate change for the date the interst starts to accrue.

      When you get to the calculator page, scroll down, and you’ll see a number of tutorials. Look at #1 and then see the one about adjustable interest rates.

      If you have any questions you may ask on that calculator’s page.

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