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What Number Is "X" Percent Of Calculator

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"X" Percent Of What Number Calculator

What Percent Of Calculator

Percent Increase/Decrease Calculator

14 thoughts on “percent-calculators

  1. how do you find the increase and deacrese in numbers ike percentages

  2. How can I find the percentage of 2066 to 117252 please?

  3. noice!hallelujah!

    homework solved!

  4. how can I find the percentage of this 17.25% of 14102.93

    • Use the first calculator. However, I see that the page is not loading exactly right. I’ll try to fix it this weekend. The calculator is only going to allow you to put in 90 cents and not 93 cents, which may lead to a penny error in the result.

      • How do you find something percent off some thing dollars is there a way you can do it on paper? Or like a formula to find out?

        • Are you asking which calculator to use? Or what’s the formula? One thing I do not discuss are the formulas. However, there are plenty of math websites. I would do a search for "percent calculations".

  5. For solving a question with $200 an additional 30%, how would the original cost be $950?

  6. Hi Karl,
    I’m having a hard time figuring out the formula to convert a certain time frame into another time frame. Ex. Let’s say the entire length of a famous battle took place in an 11 hour time period. What is the formula to condense that 11 hours into 3 hours? Furthermore, Let’s say at the 6th hour of the 11 hour battle, a particular thing happened that swayed the battle. What is the formula to convert that same particular thing at the 6th hour, to represent that event into a 3 hour time frame?

    Thank you. I anxiously await your reply

    • Hi John, sorry, but I don’t understand your questions. Are you asking me what calculator to use to find what percentage 3 hours is of 11 hours?

      Also, I never discuss formulas. Basically, the comment section is provided as a why for users to ask questions about what calculator to use, or how to do a particular calculation using a calculator. It is here also for making suggestions and for, naturally, telling me how great they are. 🙂

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