SolveIT!, The Financial Calculator


SolveIT!, v6.2 is a collection of over 40 financial calculators for Microsoft Windows™ computers. All calculators are easy to use. There is never any need for programming. You do not need to be a financial expert to use SolveIT!. The program includes a very extensive context sensitive help system that includes multiple dozens of tutorials and step-by-step guides.

The calculators are arranged into eight groups of related functionality.

Finance Calculators

  • Compound & Simple Interest with
    Calendar Math calculator
  • Equivalent Rates Calculator
  • ~Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Calculator
  • ~Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator
  • ~Savings Calculator
  • PV of an Amount Calculator
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Financial Advisers

  • Break-Even Analysis Calculator
  • *Debt Reduction Calculator
  • *Financial Planning Calculator
  • Lease v. Buy Calculator
  • Loan Comparison Calculator
  • Refinance Calculator

Financial Schedules & Cash Flows

  • Loan Amortization Schedule (Flexible)
  • Annuity Schedule
  • *C-Value! TVM Calculator & Wizard
  • Future Value (FV) Schedule
  • PV of a Series Schedule
  • Rental Income Analysis

Matrix Calculators

  • *Annuity Matrix Calculator
  • *Future Value Matrix Calculator
  • *Loan Matrix Calculator

*Indicates new calculator in v6.0.

~Indicates new or updated in v6.1.

General Business Calculators

  • Monthly Budgeting Calculator
  • Economic Ordering Quantity (EOQ)
  • *Mark-up & Discount Calculator
  • Net Worth Calculator
  • *Permutation & Combination Calculator
  • Purchasing Power Calculator —
    Inflation Calculator

Investment Calculators

  • *American Option Pricing Calculator
  • Bond Price & Yield Calculator
  • Discounted or Zero Coupon Bond Calculator
  • *European Option Pricing Calculator
  • Interest Paid at Maturity/CD Calculator
  • US T-Bill Calculator

Depreciation Calculators

  • Declining Balance Calculator
  • ~MACRS Depreciation Calculator
  • Straight Line Depreciation Calculator
  • Sum-of-Years Depreciation Calculator

Loan & Debt Calculators

  • Accelerated Extra Payments
  • Affordable House Calculator
  • *Automobile Loan Calculator
    – apply cash down to the calculation
  • Balloon Payment Calculator
  • Bridge Loan Calculator
  • Loan Calculator
  • *Mortgage Loan Calculator
    – apply a percentage down
  • Remaining Balance Calculator

As we mentioned, SolveIT! is easy to use. Just start it up, select a calculator and answer the questions by filling in the blanks. Click on the [CALC] button and you’ll have an instant answer to your question. That’s all there is to it. The results from any calculator can be copied to the clipboard for inclusion in another program including email or they can be printed to any printer. Additionally, you can run multiple instances of a calculator in order to make fast side-by-side comparisons.

We believe you’ll find that SolveIT! has the most extensive collection of flexible calculators found in any program.

NOTE: SolveIT! runs on Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit), VISTA (64-bit or 32-bit) and Windows XP (Home or Professional editions) as well as older versions of Windows (98, 98SE, ME, NT 4.0 & Windows 2000).


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