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The Retirement Age Calculator makes it straight forward for you to answer the most fundamental retirement question, "At what age can I retire?". The calculator only needs answers to a few questions. More below



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Calculator Details

The calculator has 11 inputs, 6 of them are required:

  • Your Current age
  • Annual contribution toward retirement
    • and/or Current retirement savings
  • ROI for retirement savings
  • Retirement lasts how many years
  • Desired retirement income
  • ROI during retirement

There are 5 optional inputs. Any or all can be left at 0.

  • Annual contribution increase
  • Current retirement savings
  • Income from government
  • Other annual income
  • Annual inflation rate

Click on the [Help] button for more details about each input.

If "For retirement income, withdraw only interest" is checked, you'll not be able to enter a value for "Retirement lasts how many years" since withdrawing only the interest means the principal will remain untouched. Theoretically, the income will last in perpetuity. An exception to this will be if you enter a value for "Annual inflation rate", then only the first withdrawal will equal the interest earned for the year. Subsequent withdrawals will be more than the interest earned to compensate for inflation.

Hopefully this retirement age calculator gives you insights into your retirement options. If the calculated age is older than you would like, you basically have four options available to reduce the age:

  1. Increase the annual contribution
  2. Achieve a higher rate of return on your retirement savings
  3. Achieve a higher rate of return during retirement
  4. Reduce your desired retirement income
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6 Comments on “Retirement Age Calculator”

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  • Fantastic site. Easy to navigate. Lots of calculators. Best part: it’s good to see one’s attitude towards saving confirmed!

    Many thanks!

    • Click on the "$ : MM/DD/YYYY", in the lower right-hand corner of the calculator to open the window that will allow you to change both the default currency and the date format.

      • Thanks for the response.
        This has only changed the default for me, when I visit the site. How can I change it so that it is set to £ for all new visitors to my website?

        • Oh, I guess you must be using this WordPress plugin on your website?

          If so, the plugin is designed so that the website’s user can change the currency, not the website’s owner. Once the user selects the currency, it will be remembered the next time they visit the site. This seems to be the best approach for websites that have an international audience.

          However, if you want to make an edit to the source code, you (the website owner) can change the currency. Here’s how to do it:

          In the plugin folder, there is a js folder. Should be here with default install:


          find this file:


          With a plain text editor, such as notepad open it up and search for this text:


          Should be around row 7. Change the “$” to whatever you need as the example below. Save, and refresh the webpage


          This will change the plugin’s default for you

          The downside with this hack is, no one visiting the page will be able to set the currency to “$”. Or at least I don’t think they will be able to. I didn’t actually test that.

          Hope this works for you.

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