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Calculator Details

The calculator has 11 inputs, 6 of them are required:

  • Your Current age
  • Annual contribution toward retirement
    • and/or Current retirement savings
  • ROI for retirement savings
  • You want to retire at what age
  • Retirement income lasts until age
  • ROI during retirement

There are 5 optional inputs. Any or all can be left at 0.

  • Annual contribution increase
  • Current retirement savings
  • Income from government
  • Other annual income
  • Annual inflation rate

Click on the [Help] button for more details about each input.

If "For retirement income, withdraw only interest" is checked, you'll not be able to enter a value for "Retirement income lasts until age" since withdrawing only the interest means the principal will remain untouched. Theoretically, the income will last in perpetuity. An exception to this will be if you enter a value for "Annual inflation rate", then only the first withdrawal will equal the interest earned for the year. Subsequent withdrawals will be more than the interest earned to compensate for inflation.


15 Comments on “Retirement Income Calculator”

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  • bill edwards says:

    hmmm… not satisfied as i am totally confused. Even after studying help.
    here is what i am looking for:
    1- currently retired – value & understanding – OK
    2- current savings -value & understanding – OK
    3- continued contribution – none
    4 – inc in contribution – of cource – none
    5- ROI on savings – value & understanding – OK
    6 inc from govt – value & understanding – OK
    7 – other income – value & understanding – OK
    8 want to retire at what age — crazy… as already retired
    9 retirement income last until age – value & understanding – OK
    10 annual inflation – value & understanding – OK
    11 ROI on savings during retirement – duplicated … see 5 above —

    but the results are very incorrect… As i want to withdrawal XXX dollars each year. This appears to be calculated based on #11. NO NO — i want to put the value in

    and here is the real problem… i want to withdraw stated amount each year. Then i want the amount withdrawn to increase with inflation.

    THe result i am looking for … when does money run out ? at what age. And what if any are the dollars left for inheritence.

    i tried other calculators .. none were able to include a withdrawal each year.
    in all fairness, maybe none of these are designed to tell me the following:
    a) i have savings
    b) am retired
    b1) current age is ____
    b2) expected life limit is ___ (either i put in age or number of years)
    c) inflation % today is ___
    d) savings growth % is ___
    e) i am removing these $$$ each year $_______
    f) i want the removal dollars to grow based on inflation. Thus the extraction from savings will become larger…
    Result: i want to know when savings is exhausted or if there are savings beyond the age limit i posted, what is the dollar value of inheritence.

    hope this is clear… email mail me if more info is needed OR if this is not something you want a calculator to perform

    • bill edwards says:

      PS — it would be advantageous , but not necessary to post entire savings dollars, but enter the % of the total that is invested. Of course this can be omitted and only the savings dollars invested would be entered, while the dollars in “cash” savings would be omitted from entry. However adding the % of savings invested makes the calculator more user friendly and easier to use.

      • Easier to use? Really? I’m not sure I agree with that. If someone has 1.2 million of liquid assets and 855 thousand invested in the bond market, what percentage is invested? A user would have to stop and do that calculation. It’s just easier to enter the 855,000.

        Or am I missing something?

        • bill edwards says:

          Wow – I am impressed with the speed of response.
          You are correct … as most assets are split in these 2 general categories. Based on your reply, I am assuming a person could run the calculation 2 times … once for equities and again for bonds.
          For the equities, then one could enter the dollars less cash. Might be a good idea to be sure the user of the calculator knows to omit cash.

    • One of the challenges of running this site is giving each calculator a meaningful name. This calculator is designed to tell the user what they have to invest today and going forward for "X" years in order to have a specific retirement income starting some years in the future.

      The calculator you need is the Ultimate Investment Calculator.

      Note, this calculator works with both the investment cash flow (growing balance) or an income cash flow. Set the "Cash Flow Type" for your needs to "Income", of course.

      This will allow you to factor in inflation on the income/withdrawal. It will tell you when the money will run out, if ever. Though it does not deal with "age" as a concept, it does deal with and allow the user to set specific dates. I should be a simple matter for anyone to figure out how old they’ll be when in some future year.

      If you try it, please let me know what you think.

  • bill edwards says:

    i tired it. This seems to work at present. The Federal and state marginal rates were initially an inconvenience only because within the annual budget i placed taxes. wish i could post a screen shot.

    Would if possible or within scope… engineer a fully retired calculator.
    entry’s similar to :
    annual budget (either include or exclude federal & state taxes)
    SS and all other income.
    Savings needs if any
    ROI and inflation & management fees
    number of years
    result is savings balance – if any

    and this could be reversed to calculate the annual savings income with schedule in todays dollars adjusted for inflation over a desired number of years based. Results configured to show income along with possibility of becoming zero at resulting date. A schedule will show each year.


    when dollars go to zero, the values are “NaN.00” and “$NaN.00”. I believe i know what is happening, but might be nice to translate the value to $0.00 with an “*” and then post a text comment explaining … such as ” * Note: savings reduced to zero before end period”

    and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) result is “Unknown”. As well as IRR after Taxes and Fess result is “Unknown”. I dont understand what this implies … since entered values had a ROI. considering both the NaN return and unknown leaves me a lower confidence with the results. An explanation of what the Unknown means in the result or hiding would be nice revision.


    • The tax rates are optional, that is they can be left at 0.

      Yeah, sorry it’s not possible to post screen shots in the comments. But you can email them to me. I’d like to take a look to understand what’s causing the NaN (Not A Number!). That’s not expected and something I would need to fix.

      But, I think I know what you can do to avoid them. If you are specifying the "Periodic Withdrawal Amount:" and the "Number of Cash Flows? (#):" as well as the "Goal Amount (FV)?:", then that’s more than you need to enter. Set the "Number of Cash Flows? (#):" to "Unknown." Let the calculator calculate the term. If all 3 are specified, it is very unlikely that the 3 are mathematically possible given a known rate of return and starting amount.

      The email address is on the contacts page. I don’t post the address here so as to avoid having screen scrappers grab it and adding me to spam lists.

  • I really like your retirement calculator, but how does one input “for Life pensions.” In addition to my savings ($328K), and future contributions (24K/yr), I will have four (taxable) pensions that will total a 200K/yr to live on. I am covered by Social Security and TRICARE. At this point, I plan on leaving all of my savings to my heirs.

    Your charts suggests I will be broke. What am I doing wrong?

    • Since you know the amount the pensions will provide each year, you should $200K income here: "Other annual income?"

      What are you entering for your "ROI for retirement savings?"

      Or am I misunderstanding something?

  • Hi,
    I am trying to get into financial blogging and i am using your plugins (they are great) for the nest-egg calculator,savings calculator and retirement savings calculator.
    They work great but the retirement savings plugin and savings plugin lose their css styling when i upload them onto the page.

    Any help?

    • Hey Duncan, glad you like the plugins, but sorry that you are having a problem with 2 of them. At this point, I have no idea what the problem is. Can you send me a link to the two problem calculators? If the links aren’t live yet, then please reach me through the "contact" at the bottom of any web page. I’ll take a look.

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