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Loan Calculator

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What's a widget? What's a plugin?

If your website is built using WordPress use a "plugin". If your website is built using plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript use a "widget". It's that easy.

Note, if you have a WordPress site, and you want to install a calculator in a WordPress "widget area", you still download and use the "plugin". :-)

Both widgets and plugins are fully customizable. Click on the appropriate link below for all details.

Plugins for Sites Built with WordPress

Widgets for HTML Websites

And naturally all plugins and widgets come with full support. You can leave your questions at the bottom of any of the above linked pages.


37 Comments on “Widgets And Wordpress Plugins”

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  • Hi
    Have downloaded wordpress loan calculator, however it doesn’t appear to be responsive on mobile phone. The only bit responsive is the end of period drop down. Cant seem to enter the numbers on mobile phone?
    Please help

    • Does the loan calculator plugin on this page work for you? What browser and what cell? I have recently had a report of problems with Android, but not sure with what browser.

        • Just to add..my above comment applied for all plugin in the mobile device..and I mean the “field of number in the right”

          • There seems to be a problem with Android devices. I’m not sure if it’s a particular device or a particular browser. My guess is the problem is caused by some browser not working with the right aligned numbers.

            Unfortunately, I do not have an Android on which to test my guess.

  • Hello Karl,
    Are those 8 widgets only suitable for a wordpress website or the full set of your financial calculators could be installed online?

  • Hi
    Im in the UK and im looking at setting the default option to Pounds from the initial page load and not having to use the selector at the bottom.

    Is this possible and how can i achieve it for the wordpress version.


    • Hi Andy, thanks for posting your question here. You didn’t mention which plugin you want to use. Here are the directions

      The calculators are designed for an international audience, and the user can pick the currency. based on the retirement savings plugin. Others will be similar, but file location and names will change (the edit is the same though).

      However, if you don’t mind making an edit, to the source code, you (the website owner) can change the currency. Here’s how to do it:

      In the plugin folder, there is a js folder. Should be here with default install:


      find this file:


      With a plain text editor, such as notepad open it up and search for this text:


      Should be around row 7. Change the “$” to whatever you need as the example below. Save, and refresh the webpage


      If you want the € on the right, replace ccy_r instead.

      This will change the plugin’s default for you

      The downside with this hack is, no one visiting the page will be able to set the currency to “$”. Or at least I don’t think they will be able to. I didn’t actually test that.

      Hope this works for you.

    • Hello, as with all WordPress plugins that are downloadable from WordPress.org, the source code is provided. It would be possible for you or someone else to translate the calculator. But as of now, I do not have a Spanish language version.

      • Tnx for your reply. Sincerilly, your plugin is the better that I found at this moment, you really have to translate to Spanish and other languages.

        • Alvaro, in principle, I agree that the site and plugins need to be translated. The issue, of course, is one of resources. I only have so much time. Even if I had volunteers provide translations, it takes a long time to work with them and to create the new pages. I still have calculators that need to be added to the site.

  • Hi Karl
    Thank you for your reply for the problem android device. Can we do something in the plugin..for example change the right align numbers format?
    Thank you

    • Hi Arif,

      It’s a fairly straight forward process to change the alignment of the numbers. You do have to be willing to edit one file however.

      Find this folder:

      {theme name}/wp-content\plugins\{plugin name}\css

      Find this file, and open it with a plan text editor such as notepad:


      Find this text in above file and add the double forward slashes ("//") as indicated and then save the file:

      form.financial-calculators .calc-control.num {
      //text-align: right;

      The slashes disable the instruction to right align the number. Once you’ve saved the change. Go back to the page where the plugin is loaded. Refresh the page in the Android browser and see if it fixes the input problem for you. (Make sure you see the numbers aligned to the left to know the above edit had its intended effect.)

      Please let me know how this works for you.

  • Hi,
    are the plugins enable for customing native language and different currencies. I would like re-codes for Indonesian and Rupiah.

    • With any of the plugins, you get all the source code. You can certainly translate the calculators to any language you wish.

      All the plugins already support Rupiah. You can try the Rupiah support on this site by clicking on "More" in the top menu and selecting currency.

  • First off, beautiful calculators! Thank you for making them.

    I would like to allow the user submitting the form to be able to save/download the payment schedule as a PDF. Is this currently possible / how can it be achieved?

    • You’re welcome Anar.

      I usually recommend that users use the browser’s native ability to print to PDF. I know that desktop versions of Chrome and Edge will create PDFs.

      I have looked into building PDF creation into the calculators, but the feature requires so much code that it slows down their initial loading. I didn’t like the trade off performance vs. feature.

  • Hi Karl,

    Awesome plugins 🙂

    Is there a way that I can use any of your other calculators on my website such as your budget calculator for example?

    All the best,

    • Thank you. At this time, there are six calculators that I’ve enabled as WordPress plugins. My focus is on creating new calculators for this site, so I do not expect to offer any other ones as plugins at this time.

  • Hello. This mortgage calculator works perfectly with one exception, when printing the calculator prints twice with the second one having empty fields. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, are you talking about the print button or from the schedule button? But either way, I’m using Chrome on a desktop, and I do not see the issue. Can you please provide more details?

      • Chris Page says:

        Using the WordPress plugin clicking the Print button. Here is the example:


        When you click the Print button it prints 2 copies

  • jayrald@retirementmadesimple.com.au says:

    We’re looking to add Australian calculators to our website.
    May I ask if you have retirement calculators i.e. age pension age,
    preservation age, income and asset test calculators?

    • All the WordPress plugins that I offer are linked on this page. There are 3 retirement calculators. Did you see those?

  • Hi! Is there a way to hide the Annual Interest Rate on the Retirement Savings Calculator? Or disable the edit function so it will not be editable to visitors?

    • Hi. There is, but you have to edit the code. And you’ll have to remember to make the edit anytime you update the calculator.

      In the plugin’s folder, there is a subfolder \en with only this file: calculator.gui.php

      Open the file with a plain text editor.

      Search and find this line. I would search for this "edRate-rs."

      maxlength="8" size="16" >

      You’ll find it 4 times, one for each calculator size option. Either find the line for the size you want or make 4 simple edits. Add the word "disabled" as shown

      maxlength="8" size="16" disabled>

      Save and refresh the page. You’ll see it, but no one will be able to change the interest rate.

      You’ll need to test.

  • Hello! Your plugins are great, but i have a problem. They don’t work with elementor pro on desktop browser (chrome).
    Is there someting that I shoud do? I didn’t find anything until now! Thank you!
    The same plugin on the same page It works great on mobile, but not on desktop browser!
    Link: https://synergyfinances.eu/calculator/
    Thank you!

    • Hi, thank you for trying my plugin.

      But what doesn’t work? I tried the calculator at the link you supplied with Chrome on the desktop, and it worked fine for me. That is, it calculated and displayed correctly.

  • Like the sheer amount of calculators available. I am working with the fc-loan- calculator plug-in.
    I would like to omit the “?” between the label name and the “:” (loan amount, number of months, annual interest rate and payment method)
    How can I accomplish that?
    Appreciate the assistance.

    • For any of the plugins, go to the plugin’s folder and in the folder, you’ll find another folder called "en"

      In the folder, there will be one file: calculator.gui.php

      Open this file with a plain text editor and search for the size you’ve selected. It will look something like this:

      "if (strtolower($size) == ‘tiny’){"

      THen find the text like this and remove the &quot?".

      "<label class=”label” for=”edPrice-al”>Price of Car?:</label>"

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